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Online CRB Checks and CRB Disclosures

Begin Online CRB Registration process

  • Paper CRB Application

    There are no annual or quarterly fees; you will always have a friendly team on hand to help you through the entire application process. We are able to provide enhanced, standard and voluntary CRB checks and disclosures.

  • Online CRB Checks

    We provide online CRB checks, our £30.00 registration fee includes a full training manual for both the organisation and the applicant to follow. We have our own unique user friendly in-house eCRB web application. All eCRB applications are submitted the same day as they are received.

  • Individual CRB Checks

    We are unable to provide Enhanced, Standard or Voluntary checks for individuals or self-employed, as per CRB’s regulations. However we maybe able to provide you with a Basic check if you meet the requirements.

  • Disclosure Scotland

    We are also registered with disclosure Scotland to carry out basic checks for individuals. You are NOT able to do a Basic check if you work with either children or vulnerable adults. A basic check contains convictions considered unspent under the rehabilitation of offender act 1974.

  • Voluntary CRB Checks

    We are able to carry out CRB checks on volunteers. A volunteer is ‘a person who performs an activity which involves spending time, unpaid (except for travelling and other approved out-of-pocket expenses), doing something which aims to benefit someone (individuals or groups) other than or in addition to close relatives’.

  • Hosted CRB

    Hosted CRB allows other large Registered Bodies (RB) to have an outsourced eBulk solution for electronic CRB checks and retain their RB status but must process at least a minimum of 1500 CRB Disclosure checks per annum.

Steps to your crb check

1. Call us now

United CRB provides an unrivalled and efficient service to cater for all your CRB checking needs. To begin the process, please contact us now on 020 8306 2806, to speak to one of our friendly team.

2. Register with us

To register with us, kindly speak to one of our staff explaining the nature of your organisation and your CRB disclosure needs. Initially an introductory pack would be posted out to you.

3. Complete Registration

To complete the registration, the Form of Agreement which is included in your introductory pack needs to be completed, signed by the client and posted back to United CRB.